Swim Smarter.

Physiology. Specificity. Psychology.


A unique methodology that doesn't focus on long hours in the pool, but is about putting in smart hours in the pool guided by algorithm driven workouts that combine physiology, specificity, and psychology.

"An hour a day
is all it takes to build
better swimmers."


Coach Cindy believes swim training based at the intersection of physiology, specificity and psychology leads to better performance for her students in and out of the pool. A self-proclaimed girly-girl, Coach Cindy's performance speaks for itself having qualified in four event for the 2004 Athens Olympics, World No. 1 in 2020 FINA World Masters for 50 meter Freestyle and No. 2 in the 100 meter Butterfly.

Coach Cindy works with students of all ages who are committed to growing their performance no matter what their level may be. Her ability to inspire students to deliver more than they thought possible is her gift as a coach.

Train with Cindy

As a BOUNX Centre, we are fully aligned with the BOUNX methodology for training development to level-up smarter and faster. Our training system provides real-time coach feedback along with a fun, gamified experience.

Every time you focus on your goal, it should be about making you strong in both mind and body. Download the BOUNX app to make your bookings now.

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